About Us

Integrated Pattern Solutions Limited is primarily a manufacturer of patterns and tooling for the foundry and molding industries. Our many years of experience in traditional patternmaking coupled with the latest CNC technologies will help us meet your tooling needs.

We are focused on the design and manufacture of innovative high quality tooling.


IPS takes pride in designing and building high quality patterns, coreboxes, molds, jigs and fixtures for the foundry and molding industries. We offer a full range of production services including product development, tooling design and construction.

We can construct your tooling for air set, green sand, shell, lost wax, permanent mold or any other foundry process. Your tooling can be machined in wood, plastic, metal or composite materials to best suit your requirements.

From quoting a job through production, we work together as a team to insure customer satisfaction.

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Contact us for more information, including any requests for estimates.

715 The Kingsway, Peterborough, K9J 6W7